Sunday, December 25, 2011

Darwin: 5 months

Darwin is finally at a stage in his life where he is starting to adapt to the foods I eat and so he can handle the gas a little better. My mom is visiting and I couldn't be happier. She has been so helpful with housework and of course watching little Darwin and it has allowed me to get some extra rest and do other things like blog and catch up on my favourite shows. She loves to sing to Darwin and he just loves it. When he cries her singing always seems to calm and soothe him no matter how hungry or tired he is. It's the perfect solution and always works.

One big accomplishment is that we have successfully transitioned him to his crib. Once a finely decorated, empty space is now a comfortable haven for our sweet pea. Well he doesn't quite sleep through the night regularly as he did in his bouncer but I don't really mind feeding him 2-3 times a night. I find that he's gaining more weight since he's eating a lot at night and in turn my milk supply has increased quite a bit. I'm no longer struggling to satisfy his hunger in the day and he is therefore, I believe, taking longer naps in the day.

Peter especially feels like he can more happily enjoy playing with Darwin and he seems to be more accepting of Darwin when he is fussy or needs to be entertained. We have less arguments now that Darwin is older and less fussy and this has given us the freedom to spend quality time together.

Rhea so kindly picked up probiotics for Darwin and I which should help the gas issue and aid in digestion so I'm looking forward to feeling the results in a few days. She also brought a mixture for colic and teething which is all natural so I'm glad to be using that for Darwin.

Darwin also loves to go out and meet friends and new people and just loves to drive around in his carseat. Sometimes I'll take him for a drive so he can take a nap and so I can have a break from him. But of course I seem to miss him when he is asleep.