Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wow Darwin is already 10 months old!

This month Darwin has really progressed both physically and mentally. He's about 20 lbs and 29 inches and eats about 6 tbsp of veggie/fruit combo 3 times a day. He eats cereal in the morning and likes to have his meals with a side of cottage cheese. Lately he has been fussy at mealtime and I have to distract him with Tupperware, utensils, or Cheerios. I see that the fourth upper tooth is coming in so I believe it is the reason for his moodiness. 

He's been sleeping so much better since we returned from Canada and since his three upper teeth came in. Some nights he would sleep right through the night for about 11-12 hours and other nights he wakes once at around 5 am. I can put him down awake for bedtime every night and he knows very well that it is time to sleep. I can also sometimes put him down awake for naps but timing is key. He does however prefer to fall asleep while nursing and then I can move him to his room with little effort.

Darwin loves to wave and say bye-bye to his dad in the morning and he claps when he is excited or when there is music playing. He loves to dance and attended his first music class thus month and did very well with the older kids. Darwin can stand on his own for about half a minute and cruises around everywhere. He's definitely a speedy crawler and loves to use a push walker to help him walk.

I have started to ready more advanced books to him with numbers, letters and words and he can point out a ball and says it all of the time when he's playing ball and hockey with dad. He can also say thank you when I give him a cracker or toy and loves to drink out of his sippy cup which has a straw. The cutest is when he points to the neighbour's dog and barks or when he crawls around with his truck and says 'vroom' while he rolls it around.

I can't believe how much he has developed this past month. He has become a little man that sleeps so well in just a few short weeks. I'm so proud of him and feel very fortunate to have such a smart and handsome little boy.

Wow I can't believe he will be 1 soon; I absolutely must start planning and preparing for his first birthday!!!

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