Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Back in Beautiful Curacao

Here I am sitting in my island house for the first time in a long time and I can finally sense the beauty and complexity of nature once again. It has been raining here during the nights for the last few months and everything on the island has overgrown, including my yard. Bushes and trees that I had left so perfectly trim are now 5 times the size of me and completely out of control. I don't love the fact that I will have to have professional landscaping done but I love that the atmosphere of our planet Earth can provide such amenities for the growth and health of life. Living in Canada, it was evident to me that the similar type of atmosphere does not exist. Instead, mammals with their full stomachs go into hibernation for the cold winter months, birds fly south to a warmer place, and trees shed their leaves and prepare for a long and harsh season.

It is just not natural for me to close myself to the outside environment for so many months in order to maintain my health and well-being. The beautiful colours of blue, green, pink, and yellow become a figment of my imagination as I ponder about how nature around me could be. Instead, as I look out my living room window during the winter months I see no life, not even the sun.

Living in a tropical place is a completely different experience. There is no need to prepare for the long harsh months ahead and there is no need to worry about my safety on the road. Instead, I can walk around wearing light clothing and go for a swim at my own leisure. I can leave my windows open all year round and have only one wardrobe all my life. I never have to heat my water or my house and I can go for a jog every day of the year. What luxury!

For me after moving to the Caribbean, materialism is a thing of the past. I have more to look forward to than ever before. I have warmth, water, sun, trees, and a constant breeze-- all the things that nature can provide for a prosperous life. My ancestors would be proud!

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