Friday, October 17, 2008

Island Life

Why can't island life be for everyone
to cherish and to show the true essence of nature,
which is the beauty of the blue sky and sea
and the wildlife flying freely from tree to tree?

Our earth and its environment are all we have.
We need this place in order to live healthy and long.
If we see no beauty in where we live, then what is life?
Life seems less appealing when materials are all we see.

Why can't island life be for everyone,
so they can feel the humbleness that it brings
so they can let go of their material things
and realize that life is about being good to the green.

What is so flashy about that new pair of jeans
or the newest gadget when you already have one?
Clutter can just cause stress and worry
something that is foreign to the life of an islander.

Why can't island life be for everyone,
so we can feel a sense of relaxation
in this fast-paced world of money and power?
What's the rush when life can be slower?

Work does not have to be so grueling,
so endless and not so amusing.
Why not get together after work with friends,
instead of commuting home at every days end?

Why can't island life be for everyone?
It can if you are up for this treat.
But, you must be able to let go
not only of your things but of your ego.

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