Thursday, August 30, 2012

Darwin is ONE today!!

I can't believe we've come this far and I'm really looking forward to the months and years to come. It just months ago that Darwin began rolling over and sitting up on his own. Soon after he tried his first food and began grasping bite-size pieces of food with his little fingers. Then came crawling at 7 months and from that point forward his vocabulary expanded from his first words, "mama" and "dada". He started sleeping through the night and taking good naps in his crib at 10 months and could easily self-soothe at this point. At 11 and a half months he started walking like a pro. I think this is by far both his and my favourite milestone.

The first 6 months were quite a challenge for me, especially to quench his hunger with only breastmilk, and also to keep him entertained. It seemed that at 2 months he just wanted to be mobile but hadn't quite figured it out yet. The last 6 months however have been very exciting with a few exhausting days, especially in Canada. Darwin plays catch with his favourite toy, the ball, he eats everything on his own, he can clap, wave, give kisses, stack rings, put objects in and take out of a box, drink from a straw and so much more! The best part is watching him walk on his own which he has been practicing all month. He is very calculated and knows not to hurt himself. This mama is very proud of her little man and I'm so pleased to have such a smart and healthy boy to call my own.

Tears come to my eyes when I think about the memories of this past year. I just wish that my dad was still here to see my little boy grow. He is so missed by all of us and his first grandson will learn about his Grandpa Nalin as he grows.

I still remember when his two grandparents, Grandpa David and Grandma Ila came to see him when he was just a little newborn. It was very special to have them here to hold and kiss their first grandchild and for that I will always be appreciative. So much more love came to Darwin with a visit from his beautiful Auntie Julie, Auntie Rhea and his Uncle Rish who has the pleasure of watching Darwin grow every day. Uncle Rishabh and Darwin are so close and I really love and cherish that bond.

Peter and I are in such a better place now that Darwin is older and can easily entertain himself. Our relationship is 10 times better than it was earlier this year. If anything, this experience has really brought us closer together and we're in awe of what we've created together!

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