Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama's Victory and the American Media

Well it was clear who won last night... no ballots had to be re-counted nor was the media still trying to say that it was a close race. Frankly, it was never a close race. It was always clear that Barack Obama was an ideal presidential candidate compared to John MaCain or even the existing president for that matter and that he was farther ahead in the standings throughout the race.

Why does the media have to be so nasty all the time, especially to ask if America is ready for a black president? America has always been ready. It is not the 18th Century anymore. Our ancestors have paved the way for a more free world where all human beings are considered equal and we all have the same rights and freedoms. Race is simply simply a difference in appearance and expresses where each of us has come from in our history.

Americans have always stood for liberty and I believe that it is irresponsible of the media to ask such questions to Americans when there are so many other questions to be asked such as how will we fix the economy? or how will we assist the less fortunate? It is the media that puts rogue ideas into the minds of Americans and it is they who make it harder for an honest person to get by. They start rumours and spread them. They intentionally misinterpret you and put words in your mouth so it sounds more 'juicy' in their egocentric little minds. They find it their job to uninform the public rather than inform them of the truth. I guess it is more fun for them to lie outright to the public then to care about educating the public on what really is going on.

My message to the media is this: Please realize that by spreading lies to the public you are directly damaging society and negatively effecting how people think and live. You are not for the best interest of the public but against it. This is no different than what you call terrorism and you are all terrorists.

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